Bring bear cub orphans back into the wild!


Each year, 3,000 to 4,000 bear cubs are left to die with after their mothers are killed in the Russian bear-hunting season. A mother bear is violently shaken from her winter hibernation, forced out of her den, and shot by a trophy hunter. Cubs left without a mother cannot survive in the wild and either die from hunger or end up as pets to local villages, taken to entertain tourists or kept in cages near restaurants.

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Case of Sochi Bears is here. 

Bear Cub Rehabilitation Project

Big Hearts Foundation in partnership with UTYOS Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Russia, are working on the bear cub rehabilitation programme which attempts to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned bear cubs.

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After 14 months these bears can be released back into the wild. Big Hearts Foundation helped UTYOS to build a new natural enclosure and the required facilities to monitor the well-being of all bears during their rehabilitation.

Additional help is required to be able to actually take in the bears in these new facilities. It costs 191 £ per month to rehabilitate 1 cub and the process takes 15 months. This amount includes food, veterinary care/vaccines , cost of staff who take care of them  and transport to remote release areas. Every year Utyos is forced to reject approximately 30 cubs due to lack of funds.

The Centre doesn’t receive any government or other funding for this project and the amount of bear cubs they can take in will depend directly on the amount we can raise. 

Let’s bring the cubs back to where they belong!


Big Hearts Foundation is also involved in lobbying and structuring several Animal Welfare laws in Russia. More on this here.