The Lucky Bears

Last year was a very busy one for our partners at Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation centre, as they kept receiving orphaned bear cubs in need of rescue. The centre specialises in rehabilitation and release of Himalayan and Brown bears and Amur tigers back in the wild. Every year the centre admits and raises around 10 orphaned bear cubs, that lose their mothers to hunters and illegal poachers. The centre’s staff become their family for a year until the cubs are old and strong enough to make it on their own in the wild.

Barnat and Gavroche, doing what wild bears do

This year we received a very generous donation from Brigitte Bardot Foundation, who took four of the bear orphans under their wing.

Gavroche   Platon

Barnat   miss molly

Watch the video about  making orphan bears wild again in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Utyos