It took a year for the volunteers in Toliatti to gather the basics and start this wonderful shelter / rehabilitation centre. We have supported them from the start and knew that Stella, Elena and Natalia could make it happen. Quickly after opening, around 63 dogs and 48 cats got dumped on the beginners! Currently the shelter is in desperate need to get glass into the windows and heaters ahead of the cold Russian winter. There is a dream to create a quarantine / surgery room and buy the necessary veterinary drugs – may animals arrive sick and wounded. They cannot be rehomed straight away.

Just in 2014, jan-june, the shelter managed to rehome 380 animals. One of its cats Vasja even got a job at the local museum! Despite its success the shelter gets animals dumped at its doors in bigger quantities every day and has to turn some away. The shelter has been organizing 20 school visits, where children learn about the place and the animals that live there.

Please help these enthusiasts not to succumb under the hardship and difficulties that many animal welfare organizations in Russia face! How can you help? You can pass on a donation on our donations page, please put a note “Toliatti” or send goods to the shelter. Thank you!!

You can follow the latest news of the shelter on their Russian Facebook page

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