Souyarvi (Karelia)

about the shelter

The shelter was founded two years ago by a small group of women led by Rita Terehova, in response to the massive homeless animal crisis in Suoyarvi.

Their vision was to create an animal shelter to:

  • Rescue animals that have been lost, discarded, abandoned, injured or neglected.
  • Prevent unnecessary euthanasia by re-homing them and giving them a second chance.
  • Reduce the number of unwanted animals by providing affordable neutering.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership.
  • Run educational programs about animal welfare in schools.
Rita and her team run the shelter on personal resources. Their average income is 90 pounds per month. In 2013 local administration provided the land to build the shelter, no further support has ever been received from the government.
Run educational programs about animal welfare in schools.
Big Hearts Foundation has supported Rita and helped to build enclosures for 20 dogs. Now we want to make the shelter self sustainable and able to neuter low income families pets in the community.
The project details