z_cb9f2789In Samara we have been helping two shelters to maintain their animals since early 2012 – Uchastie and Nadezda (“Participation” and “Hope”). Both shelters are dedicated to innovation with a high level of ethics and humanity.. Participation is headed by Public Honored Artist of Russia Olga Shebuyeva. The activities of the shelter have been marked by the administration as extremely positive on the Samara region.y_31860d05

Hope, managed by Amalj Baeva, can also be very proud of its achievements: mandatory vaccination of all animals and their transfer to new owners with a vetpasport, compulsory neutering of females, preferential and free postoperative care for guardians of homeless dogs and cats, close interaction with the authorities who catch strays and rehoming them .

Big Hearts Foundation has been funding a neutering program in Samara till November 2013 which sadly had to stop due to lack of funding.
The shelters provide complete financial reports on the budget in the public domain. They constantly communicate with the city public through media (print and TV), hold mass events for children and their parents. For example, Uchastie holds: “Winter Ball Participation”, Summer Ball Participation”, which are all highly attended. Also the shelter has its own channel on YouTube, that hosts videos and stories about the shelter .

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