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Moscow is the “base” of the charity, where most of the activities are coordinated from. When regions need legal support with prosecution of animal torturers, they call  Anastasia. When there is no vet in their town who can neuter, they can arrange through us to get their charity minded vets trained in Moscow for free.  Press appearances and articles which promote animal welfare in Russia and raise important subjects are very important to us. We always value journalist contacts and support in Russia as the way to change society is through media.

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In Moscow we also have a small but efficient private shelter with 25 animals, where after treatment and rehabilitation a large percentage of animals are placed in good homes.

Our team is part of the working group in the Duma developing a functioning animal welfare laws for the country.

It is proving hard to get the various parties to reach compromise and we welcome all influential figures to help us regulate animal/ human contact and stop the suffering of an approximate 45 million unwanted cats and dogs born every year in the region. Big Hearts currently needs help with translating from English to Russian :

* humane  education materials – there is a lack of these in Russia and we are building a first of its kind resource on our Russian site.

* foreign legislation and rules which can be used in to base Russian laws.