image2Moldova is a tiny country located between Romania and Ukraine. The total population is approx. 3.3 mil people. What would it take such a small country with EU neighbourhood to have a decent level of life for the animals? Apparently, there are many more years to go and so many obstacles to meet in this battle. There are no laws regulating the keeping of dogs and cats for the owners. There are no actual active laws to outline cruelty towards animals or penalising for deliberately leaving animals on the streets.

It is embedded in the mindset of local population that company pets are not live creatures and they are only meant to stay on the lead safeguarding the households. If the dog is not barking loud enough – he will be killed, shot or in best case left on the street. If the dog barks enough loud seeing strangers, he receives a reward – a few pieces of bread a day. That is the rural life.

In cities it is not much different. There are thousands of stray animals and local authorities are not receptive in finding humane solutions to regulate the amount of strays. The chosen way is to poison, strangle or beat to death. Most of these actions are taking place during the day or early mornings. They don’t try to hide as having support of local mayors gives sufficient gravitas to their actions.

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We are rolling out our presence in Moldova. Big Heart Foundation is starting its project in city of Ialoveni. Local mayor is very receptive and wishes to adopt a humane way to regulate the amount of strays on the streets of his city. We are starting with neutering and spaying as well as educating population on the importance of neutering and stressing out what the consequences are when they choose not to spay / neuter their pet.

Local authorities have organised a place for neutering for us. They are supporting with paying all the bills and utilities for that medical room, as well as buying some of the basic medicines.

Our main focus is to fundraise for this spayathon and coordinate the whole process by ensuring it is all transparent and advertised among local population.

Together we can move it going!