There is no shelter yet in Muchurinsk , only 2 mini home shelters/ fostering homes. We started with the main
thing that will gradually solve the problem of stray animals – social advertising and affordable neutering.

We pay special attention to the responsible attitude towards animals in children and hold several events highlighting.

this. In Michurinsk our project offers almost free neutering for homeless and foster animals and same for an affordable price to low-budget families. The coordinator of the sterilization program in Michurinsk is Angelica. She also oversees the group in social networks that helps homeless animals in Michurinsk to end up in good hands .


Thank you with all our hearts to this veterinarian and her clinic – Natalia Gusynin, what a sympathetic person and a great professional. Michurinsk , said  “no”  to dumping of kittens , puppies under the wheels of cars, they say “yes” to socially responsible citizens and firms , eco- minded and active youth , responsible attitude to nature in children.