In republic of Dagestan, our fund unites three organizations – Clean Paw Makchachkala, Clinic “Ecolife”  and Big Hearts Foundation Dagestan. The situation with the animals in the region at the moment is very difficult -there is a stereotype in around in Dagestan that all homeless animals are vermin and should be treated as such. Parents from early childhood teach their children to chase  homeless animal with beating and loud cries. When children grow up they often torture and torment animals. 

In Makhachkala,  a wonderful woman Asya chipped  recently opened a small cat shelter,you can see a video fragment here. Every month shelter volunteers gather fuchmNcuLJpEwnds to pay the premises rent. Big Hearts Foundation helps with neutering. There is no support form the local administration or local business community. Big hearts is ready to oversee fundraising, to conduct the most transparent administration and accountability and to implement much needed work in this region – if there is anyone who feels like they can offer any help. We need to stop the sadism and indifference by bringing humane education to this part of the world..  If we do not start it now, then the results will never happen.

“Heart of the one who practices Islam, should apply not only to people but also to all the living”