TIGER ROTTING TO DEATH is being treated with “enchanted water” in Kazakhstan zoo. PHOTOS/VIDEO (upsetting content).

UPDATE 08/05/2016

Deputy director of Almaty Zoo Akbay Azhibaev thought he was be more competent and experienced than the Senior Veterinarian of EARAZA (WAZA) Mikhail Alshinetsky. Zoo administration ignored clear recommendations to humanely euthanize Kuralay, as she had no chance of surviving. They decided to continue her “treatment” instead. 

Last night Kuralay’s body gave up not able to support the agony any longer. She is gone now and doesn’t suffer anymore.

Cruel shameless people did not even give Kuralay a chance to go peacefully without pain, instead, they extended her agony for a few more days, despite clear recommendations of an experienced prominent veterinarian. 

Besides that, the administration refused to follow the recommendations of Mikhail Alshinetsky for further examination of the second sick tigress Rada, who bites herself and behaves frantically, and the polar bear Alkor with a broken fang: “Rada is an old tigress, – says Akbay Azhibaev. Perhaps the reason for such behavior is psychological. We can not perform an MRI on her, since such devices for animals are not available in our country. How do you imagine us bringing her to a regular hospital? What clinic would allow us to bring in a tiger? “

So, are Rada and Alkor next in line for a painful senseless death after 6 snow leopards, a chimpanzee, Kuralay and who knows how many other animals we will never know about?

The way the administration acted in this case demonstrates that the zoo has no potential for improvement. Big Hearts foundation and our new partner KARE will make every effort in our power to shut down the zoo and make sure these people are never allowed anywhere near animals ever again. RIP Kuralay.

UPDATE 04/05/2016

The vet from Eaza has concluded that the tigress Kuralay in Kazakhstan is beyond saving and should be humanely euthanised.
We are saddened and outraged that the zoo has tortured her like this.

The only thing we can do now is make sure the people responsible for this are held accountable, that the zoo is brought under proper leadership, gets the right counselling and the remaining animals are examined and treated properly.

Here’s Google translation of the doctor’s statement:

“I was admitted to the Amur tigress Kuralay third day of May in the vet premises of Almaty Zoo, – says Mikhail Alshinetsky – I had the opportunity to look at the animal and tests and X-rays were showed to me, dated March 2016. Based on the information received and visual inspection I made an unequivocal conclusion – the animal is experiencing great suffering, the tigress has bedsores, the pelvic bone is exposed, it is terribly emaciated, almost not moving at the time, when I was near her cell, the food in bowls was not touched. I believe in this situation, the only correct solution would be euthanasia. The tigress is in such a state that saving her, unfortunately, is impossible. “

“It is unclear why veterinary research was not conducted in the dynamics of why clinical blood tests were made almost two months later, says veterinarian. The guided veterinarians making the appointment, which, in my opinion, did not affect the condition of the animal, for example, in treatment protocol recorded the use of drugs such as elixir “Phoenix” and elixir “Three jewels,” immunomodulators “Immunorm” and “comedones” vaccine depriving “Vakderm.” It is unclear why the next cell in the open space set ionizer allegedly providing medical effect on the animal, the use of an ionizer would have some meaning only in an enclosed space, but it is not the case with Kuralay, which accurately use the ionizer under any circumstances will not help. “

According Dr. Alshinetsky, current treatment only aggravates the condition of the tigress.
The positive dynamics is that the tiger is still alive, it is due solely to the reserves of the body.

“Amur tigers are very large animals that have adapted to survive in adverse conditions, so the process of death cab be lengthy, – says the expert -. I believe that animal welfare issue can not be politicized and the Almaty Zoo, a member of the EAZA, is obliged to observe the code of ethics of the organization by providing Kuralay “freedom from pain.”

According to diagnosis by Alshinetsky, tigress can not be put out through further investigation. The animal can not tolerate anesthesia.

“In this situation, the most humane solution is euthanasia of the animal, which corresponds to the ethical principles of the EAZA and ensures to the animal one of the fundamental freedoms in captivity – Freedom from pain. Unfortunately, the current state of the animal – the hardest cachexia (wasting), the almost complete lack of mobility, bedsores – suggests that the animal is incurable and in pain and is slowly dying. The therapy has no positive effect “-. said in the conclusion Michael Alshinetsky.


Once majestic beautiful beast, today, tigress named Kuralaj is hardly moving and barely reacts to people. Her body is covered with bedsores and bald patches. The dying animal, according to the zoo workers, is being treated with… “enchanted” water.

This and other horrors happening at the zoo came to light thanks to a letter written by an angry and frustrated zoo employee addressed to the mayor of Almaty, Baurzhan Baibek. 

- The last drop, that made me write this letter was the sad fate of the tigress Kuralaj. The animal has been sick for a few months now. She had a chance to recover, but due to the director’s incompetence, she is simply left rotting to death. The zoo vets are not allowed (!?!) to treat the sick animal. Instead, her treatment comes from strangers, who do not work at the zoo and have neither a veterinary degree nor skills to treat animals.


- They treat her with “enchanted” water and massages. They tie her to a wooden board and handle her violently, – the author states in his letter.


According to the employee, because of this treatment the animal’s conditions have deteriorated and Kuralaj is almost on the deathbed. The tigress has developed bedsores and open wounds, her hind leg muscles atrophied.

Unfortunately this, according to the employee, who has decided to appeal to the government, is not the only problem.

- On zoo director Karimov’s orders the diets of all animals have been altered, many of the animals are suffering from malnutrition and are very skinny. The conditions of animals is obvious to everyone, including zoo visitors, – writes the disgruntled employee.

The appeal also states that not only animals, but also employees of the zoo are in non-enviable condition. Due to presumed fire safety, the gas stoves, on which people on 24h shifts used to warm their meals, were removed in all sections of the zoo. There is no canteen either, no microwaves and a modest salary of 50-70 thousand tenge a month (a bit more than £100 – ed.) is not enough to eat at a café.


- People are regularly deprived of extra payments, many valuable and experienced emploees were dismissed. There is a very tense atmosphere in the team, people lost their motivation to work because they do not feel respected and appreciated. There is a constant threat of being fired or being deprived of extra payments, which creates constant pressure, – says the author of the appeal.

The editorial team of 365info.kz managed to get hold of the Almaty zoo director, Kanat Karimov to get his comments on these facts. Zoo director had no time for it: “I’m at Przewalski horse loading. I will be here for another hour and a half, call back. “

There is no proper animal welfare legislation in Kazakhstan, which prevents any punishment of cruelty like this. Big Hearts Foundation is currently addressing Almaty mayor to take urgent action and is looking for collaborative authority figures who will take this matter seriously ASAP.