The Project Details

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The aim of the project is to create a self-sufficient shelter by building a veterinary cabinet on the premises, so that they can start to:

  • Provide medical assistance to animals that need urgent veterinary care.
  • Provide affordable neutering for low-income families.
  • Provide affordable veterinary care for local community and nearest villages.
  • Prevent hundreds of unwanted kittens and puppies ending up on the streets.

By providing veterinary care for community, the shelter will have more resources to sustain itself and develop further to rescue more dogs and cats from the streets. According to the average statistics of stray animals population, Suoyarvi city has around 300-450 homeless cats and dogs on the streets.

Shelter Policies

At an early stage Rita has established shelter policies to ensure that money in not wasted on building a shelter that does not meet the needs. The main focus of the shelter is to rescue abandoned dogs and cats, provide vaccinations and neutering until long-term homes are found for them.

With very little resources Rita and her team managed to organize effective everyday work of the shelter. In 2014, a new loving home was found for 84 dogs, including 16 adult dogs.

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Project Implementation Steps

1. There will be four different rooms inside the premises:

  • Kitchen
  • Veterinary cabinet
  • Quarantine for neutered cats
  • Dogs overexposure

Estimated time needed: 6-8 months
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2. Buying the necessary veterinary equipment

Total amount needed to bring the project to life: £5,011