Cruelty-free cosmetics bill launched in Russia


q_eHRceoyskA landmark bill was published today that will phase out all animal testing cosmetics and their related ingredients by 2020. The Bill publication occurs against a dramatic backdrop of similar legislation around the world as the tide against this cruel practice continues to strengthen.

The Bill is the first of its kind in Russia and its purpose is to protect animals in Russia from the outdated and cruel practices of animal testing cosmetics. Following over twelve months of intensive lobbying, consultation, drafting from the Big Hearts Foundation and Cruelty Free International, senior Duma Parliament members Sergei Doronin and Igor Igoshin today published this cross party bill, signalling a significant milestone in the procession of protecting the rights of animals in Russia.  The Bill has already sparked a lively debate, with extensive coverage in the mainstream Russian press and amongst high profile public figures.

This latest development in Russia strengthens the tide of extending compassionate rights to animals, which is occurring throughout the world, including the EU, China, Korea and Brazil. The archaic practice of animal testing has had yet another significant blow struck to it and confirms the international trend to bring animal testing for cosmetics to an end.

The text for the Bill was drafted with advice from Anastasia Komagina (our lawyer and campaign manager) and Irina Alisova, a biologist. Today we welcomed the publication of this new Bill by, which would phase out all animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients by 2020.

Sergei Doronin said“It is very satisfying to be putting forward this proposal to bring Russia among the leading countries in the world for the ethical principle of no longer allowing animals to suffer for cosmetics. The input from Big Hearts Foundation and Cruelty Free International on the legislation has been very helpful and I appreciate the global support for the initiative.”
Igor Igoshin added, I look forward to the time when animals no longer suffer to bring cosmetics to the market in Russia, and I’m pleased with this Bill to contribute to end global experiments of this kind and adopt modern alternatives that do not involve animals.”