We are very proud to share this video giving a glimpse of the amazing massive work Hilda Tresz, a world renown expert on primates from Phoenix Zoo and the Jane Goodall Institute is doing for captive animals around the world. 
Last year, as part of our Captive Wildlife improvement programme Big Hearts Foundation has arranged an unprecedented visit to a Russian zoo for Hilda, where she consulted the keepers on appropriate animal care and helped make the lives of two very lonely chimps much better. Meet Haus and Dora and see their story starting from minute 6.50

Hunting to Kill
In Makhachkala the mass executions continue and the number of victims has already reached several thousand. These killings are remarkable for their inhuman cruelty. Find out more herecontent_IMG_6099
World-renowned violinist and Olympic athlete Vanessa-Mae is a huge animal lover and advocate. She has been a global ambassador for Cruelty Free International and supports Big Hearts’ work in Russia. We were thrilled and beyond grateful to accept her invitation to create this video, raising awareness of various animal-related issues to be played before and after her recent concerts in Russia.

At the end of 2016 Big Hearts volunteers in Russia turned into Santa’s Little Helpers! Together with the priceless support of the nation-wide supermarket chain LENTA they prepared a wonderful Christmas surprise for the animals, who still live in shelters and are waiting to be adopted by their forever families. Find out more here

Nastya _chrismas3

Earlier this week we received a GIANT check from the lovely Brun Bear Foundation!
We are very grateful for their generous donation towards our bear rehabilitation programme at Utyos Wildlife Centre in Russia! We are elated to have this amazing organisation on board, and looking forward to many years of collaboration. Their invaluable support will go towards making orphaned bear cubs wild again! Also thank you to #MetroBank for hosting us for the cheque presentation and to Lauren Haigh from #Elbi for running campaigns in aid of Utyos. So much love for our bear cubs! 


Exciting news!
Big Hearts Annual Reports is here! You can read here  about what we managed to do for the animals in Russia and former Soviet republics this past year.

Big Hearts Annual report 2016 -  -K 27 Oct  2016

Read Zhorik’s rescue story here
‘We are trying to prevent these individuals from forming by making  humane education possible in Russia’ – said the entrepreneur and philanthropist Anna Kogan. Sadistic Teen Girl Arrested: Filmed Horrific Animal Abuse Including Ripping Out Cat Hearts And Nailing Dog To Wall.  


Murka’s miracle rescue

Yes, you are seeing it right, this girl, now safe and happy with her new loving family, is missing a part of her hind leg, half of her tail, a piece of an ear and some fur on her head. She was obviously tortured and most likely acid was spilled on her head. Despite this horror Murka and her kittens survived on the streets, where they were rescued by our amazing volunteers and are now all having the time of their lives in their new forever homes. To avoid cruelty like this from happening Big Hearts Foundation is introducing Humane Education programmes in schools all over Russia, in order to educate new generations about responsible and kind attitude towards all living beings. It’s a long and complicated process, to learn more about our Kindness Lessons and to support our work please go to More our Success Stories you can find here


During the period from September 2015 to August 2016 we have saved 130000 unwanted puppies from being born into cruelty and homelessness by neutering 130 dogs. Find out more about our programme here.

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Want to go Home!

The 2nd exhibition of the cats from shelters ‘Want to go Home!’ took place in Balashikha, Russia, with the support of the Big Heart Foundation. We are happy to announce that several of the pets have found their pawrents. The exhibition was accompanied by a concert, where took part the most talented children of the town!


Left to starve on a chain for 3 months

Mrs.Natalya Klimantova and her family moved out from their house in Kireevsk, Russia and left  6 dogs and 4 cats to starve.  Find out more here

dog 111


During the period from September 2015 to August 2016 we saved 618 cats’ lives with our neutering programme in Russia. Thanks to everyone for your generous support. Find out more about our programme here

neutering prg


Meet the bear Andruysha. The history of his salvation lasted 3 years. The 20-years-old bear dragged out his miserable existence in a very small cage in which he can not even take refuge from the heat. In addition, he was forced to share this «house» with dead bodies of dogs and rats. Andrysha’s owner claimed that he lived in a «beautiful» conditions, and didn’t want to give the bear under any pretext.
Big Hearts Foundation wrote a complaint to local authorities, with local volunteers publishing the case locally and pushing for handing over of the bear. Only then it was possible to rescue the bear. Today Andruysha lives happily in the new home in the Eco-Park Zuratkul! #everydaysheroes #bears #Russia

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#adoptdontshop #homelessanimals #adopt 


Chapa was a victim of a hit-and-run in Dagestan, the woman who found her thought she was dead, so she left her there to come back the next day to bury the body. Imagine her surprise when she saw Chapa breathing, her frail injured body wanted to give up, but her warrior spirit did not! Our volunteers came to Chapa’s rescue right away, the vet found a severe concussion due to the head trauma caused by the impact with the car, that hit her. Our amazing volunteers nurtured Chapa back to health with the help of vets, long expensive therapy, patience and love. Today Chapa is a playful happy girl waiting to be adopted by someone who is ready to give her a loving forever home. Rescue operations are tough, time-consuming and require a lot of resources. If you want to sustain our everyday heroes in helping animals all around Russia please donate through 


Happy ‪#‎InternationalCatDay‬! Thousands of animals are abandoned every year. Visit your local shelter and help save a life! #‎adopt‬ ‪#‎adoptdontshop‬ ‪#‎BigheartsFoundation‬ ‪#‎Russia‬


Volunteers from our shelter in Suoyarvi were called to help when a man found a barely moving fox cub on the middle of the road. He was looking very frail and just lay on the middle of the road. They have driven the poor guy for 9 hours to a small rehabilitation facility where he is recovering. The fox is doing much better now. The people there are then able to teach him the needed skills to survive and have experience successfully releasing fox cubs back to the wild . Wish him luck!


Happy International Tiger Day  from beautiful Zhorik, who is living his life at the Animal Wildlife Rehabilitation Center UTYOS in Russia.
Read Zhorik’s rescue story here
The life of this gorgeous mom cat Dymka and her kittens is not easy. A box with her and the littles was found by our volunteers in a ditch. Somebody threw them out like a rubbish. In our shelter Dymka with kittens was checked by a vet and he found out that the mom cat had one dead fetus remained inside which had already begun to decompose. The cat had urgently surgery. It was successful and now Dymka feels good. She and the kittens are safe now, and soon they will be happy to find a new home.
This case shows how important to neuter pets, because a huge number of cats die during kitten birth.
By supporting our neutering campaign you directly contribute to saving lives of cats and dogs in Russia and help humanely reduce the number of stray animals in the biggest country in the world. Find out more


The first Shelter Cat Exhibition and Adoption show took place in Balashikha last weekend. It was organized by local volunteers with support from Big Hearts Foundation. Many children participated and interacted with rescue animals and some of the lucky cats found their fur-ever home.




2 young Chimps, Dora and Haus, are no longer alone, but socialising. Animal welfare expert Hilda Tresz, who we arranged to visit Rostov zoo in Russia, taught zoo staff how to responsibly introduce these complex animals to each other and improve their daily lives. They are social animals and need companionship like people. Dora also had a vital surgery to remove an iron pin from her body, left in by a street photographer. The zoo is also implementing habitat and enrichment improvements for other animals. We are hoping that the now infamous Kazakhstan zoo will respond to our calls to get Hilda there.
Full update on improvements in Rostov to follow.

‪#‎UrgentAppeal‬ to ‪#‎Save17DogsAnd9Cats‬

Marina Butolina from Astrakhan dedicated her life to helping animals in need. Today she is the one who desperately needs our help.
The amount of stray animals In Astrahkan, a city in southern Russia is huge, but it could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for people like Marina Butolina.
Marina rescued and gave home to dozens of animals during the years, currently 17 rescued dogs and 9 cats live under her roof.
Big Hearts foundation helped Marina spay and neuter them, but her pension is too small to be able to afford food and medical care for all of her rescues, most of whom have a truly tragic past. Find out more here


Meet Pushistik, he was hit by car and nearly frozen to death when our volunteers found him on the street. They gave him food and took him to one of our shelters, where Pushistik was checked by a vet. The X-ray scan showed that his spine was broken. The sensitivity of the back part of the body was completely absent. Our vet Omar made a very complicated surgery on the spine, which took many hours. The surgery was succesful, but Pushistik still had a long time of rehabilitation process including injections, antibiotics, etc. The long therapy helped him to be able to walk and run again. Today, this beautiful and very active dog lives in the countryside. We would like to thank everyone who helped us save Pushistic and give him a second chance in life. Read more our Success Stories here