Dog Sima

1&&&The Dog Sima was brought in the shelter by the older woman. She managed to “steal” her from alcoholic owner who cruelly mocked the Dog. Sima went out rarely and her former owner beat Sima when she did her needs on the floor in the apartment.2 copy

After a quick visit to the veterinarian Sima was diagnosed with the numerous health problems: wounds on the body, festering eyes, ears, and paws.

The volunteers decided to seek medical care from «foster home» to the Dog because the animal was required maximum attention. The «foster home» has been found.

4 copyOver time, the Dog began to recover, and got used to be not afraid of people. The wounds healed slowly, the problems with ears, paws, and eyes were gone.

When Sima was feeling good, the volunteers sterilized her, which should increase significantly the

chances to find a home for her.

The new owners, fortunately, didn’t have to wait long! They were touched by the history of the dog and came to the shelter to get acquainted with Sima. They liked the Dog very much and soon Sima got a new home. Now she is called Dina, and she doesn’t mind.

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