A story of a cat Lapka (Paw) is what we call truly amazing! Lapka was brought into the the shelter Kind Home, with one of her front legs badly deformed. She could not walk properly. Later a vet diagnosed her with a congenital defect, which meant that poor Lapka was born with this deformity. Lapka could not survive in the streets of Russia, because she would have been an easy target for stray dogs and ill-wishers. After posting a rescue appeal about Lapka in the social media, the shelter found a family in Germany who were willing to give Lapka a chance of a rescue! The family found out that it would be possible to surgically fix Lapka’s leg in Germany, so they offered to adopt the cat.
Since then the shelter volunteers have collected all the necessary documents, micro-chipped and prepared Lapka for the trip to another country. Soon she will embark on her journey to a better life!

Lapka2  Untitled

Now Lapka is a German citizen! She is adapting at new home!