Kitten Petya

11350593_787290704702087_5919557888622871570_n The Kitten Petya was picked up by our volunteers at the entrance of apartment house in Moscow. The owners threw him as an unnecessary toy with the little brother. In the shelter Petya was examined by doctors, vaccinated, neutered. For a long time Petya couldn’t find his house, however, a miracle happened, and our kitten has a family now. 11026247_787290701368754_5057087658409536776_n
Here is the latest news from his owners:
Petya is all good! He is very affectionate and sociable cat.
He likes to eat and play. His most favorite toy is a stick with a colored feather. When he wants to play, he takes this stick in his mouth, like a dog, and brings to us! It’s very funny!
We send you photos of Petya.
Best regards,
Vitalik and Katya