Cat Vasya

The cat Vasya was hit by car. The woman, which found him, pulled the cat out of the road and put him in a carton box. So he left in the box to die, but our volunteers hastened to the place of incident to help Vasya. They took him immediately and went to the vet.The vet said that the head was heavily damaged. image-1He had massive loss of blood and severe oedema of the head. The skin was broken with the hole on the front arm. Fortunately, the spinal was intact and didn’t have visible fractures. After the vet did cat the ultrasound investigation, which showed that the internal organs were intact, but the head was heavily damaged. Vasya had impaired coordination of movement and therefore he couldn’t walk, eat and drink. The volunteers feed him using the syringe. 
Fortunately, two weeks later, he felt better. After 10 days, 
Vasya, eat by himself and tried to walk, the oedema had almost disappeared. The cat became handsome again. And 7 days after the publication of announcement about the search for a new home, Vasya had found the new family.