Dog Ushastik

qYQOkvMat7UMeet Ushastik (colloquial Russian for someone with unusually big ears) , the tiny dwarf  dacshhund mix, on this photo he is about 6 months old. Abusive alcoholic owners from the Russian town called Astrakhan failed to neuter Ushastik’s mom, as it happens in most Russia, she was free to run around the neighborhood on her own. Obviously, a few months after one of her promenades, this beautiful baby boy with Dumbo-like ears was born. The “humans” were not thrilled with the puppy, this is how he ended up a in a damp flooded basement. For a while he tried to survive together with 7 puppies, who were born directly at the basement, puppies were still fed by their mother, we have no idea what Ushastik ate
for all this time. When we found them, their paws were loosing fur due to being constantly wet, tons of mosquitoes and broken glass didn’t help either, it took a lot of love, patience and expensive vet care to make sure they have a shot at a decent life. 
Due to his difficult past and constant fear of being abandoned, Ushastik is extremely possessive of any human he E12jFfB3aqIdecides is “his”, he doesn’t hesitate to bite and misbehave to protect or demonstrate adoration for His Person.  He doesn’t like men, which indicates that the person who abused him and GKErKddXDUwthrew him away was most probably male. Due to all of the above it was a real challenge to find someone who would have enough patience and would be willing to give this boy a chance, but as we all know love conquers all and miracles do happen when you really need them to. From a cold filty flooded basement Ushastik, who now proudly responds to the name
Odin, went straight to Adler, a beautiful resort town located on the Blask Sea coast of Russia. The courageous girl, who fell in love with Odin, despite his difficult personality, decided to give him his forever home and even take him to a dog school to learn some good dog manners and improve his behavior. Not every home should have a dog, but definitely every dog should have a home.