Dog Tuman

image_bb84265b27171656777920bc2a54b78eebfbfb2f99Meet Tuman, English for “Fog”, a 1,5 year-old mutt found lying on a busy highway in Belarus, with his front legs broken, obviously hit and left to die. When volunteers Zooshans stumbled upon him, Tuman was screaming while desperately trying to get up and walk away despite the excruciating pain running throughout his injured week body. “Trying” is the crucial word, the injury was practically preventing him from moving. However, Tuman was obviously born under a lucky star, the exams showed that his spine was nearly intact in the incident and only two front legs were broken. Tuman had to go trough a series of expensive surgeries to “reassemble” his bones and long therapy to help him walk again, his slightly curved left front leg will forever remind him how close he got. Today, this beautiful and very active dog lives in the countryside with a lot of room to run around, just as he loves to do. We would like to thank everyone who helped us save Tuman and give him a second chance in life.

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