Dog Linda

MTS1maD5yfELinda is one of millions of furry babies born on the streets of Russia every day due to the fact that people fail to spay/neuter their pets. Stray population in Russia and former Soviet countries is huge and is growing every day due to high cost of the surgery and because most of the population does not realize how important it is to spay and neuter and how many lives it can save. Linda was lucky, as a puppy she was rescued by a kind-hearted person and brought to the shelter. OCCzpqxDnLAWe will never know whether Linda was born on the streets or abandoned there by someone at a very young age. But it doesn’t matter, because her world was changed by that simple kind gesture. Once Linda reached 6 months she was neutered through our affordable spaying and neutering program and shortly after adopted by a sweet loving family from the region of Novgorod. She didn’t even have time to realize what her life would’ve been if the person who rescued her had chosen another road that day.

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