Dog Daymon

oA7EhWOwBrcSometimes even the saddest and apparently hopeless stories are turned into fairy tails, thanks to someone’s simple and kind gesture. One day, Daymon’s former owner put a strict collar on his neck, tied him to a rusty chain and drove off without ever looking back. The neighbors, who fed Daymon for a couple of days  called us and asked to rescue him.

leQa9A2QEDoWhen Daymon arrived to the shelter, besides being clearly in distress, volunteers discovered a terrible wound on his neck. It took a lot of care, patience and love for Daymon to recover. What amazed volunteers right away was that, despite the injury, the abandonment and all the hardships he went through, Daymon did not lose his trust towards humans and remained a very positive and friendly pup, on top of being a great guard dog ! Daymon stayed at the shelter for over a year, but never lost his hope of finding His Person and the dream came true. Daymon was adopted by a great family and is now lives with them loved and cherished. ti0m26920cY

Due to the complete law vacuum around pet ownership and lack of responsibility, awareness and culture pet abandonment is very common in Russia and often goes unnoticed. Learn more here about our work on promoting effective legislation, get involved and help us built a better Russia for animals.