Dog Bonya

ECbR8SS4VgMMexican Hairless dog, also known as Xolo, is an expensive and prestigious breed popular among wealthy people. In Russia this and similar breeds are often used as a status symbol. We will never know how this tiny hairless pup, barely the size of an adult cat, ended up on the streets and actually managed to survive for three weeks living in a cold metal box. jrgJ5uW9fM4

Was she lost? Was she abandoned? Her owners didn’t feel like taking care of her anymore? Why was she running away and biting everyone who brought her food and tried to rescue her? How broken was her trust in people? 

l8hinoGTzkgIt took volunteers nearly a week and a lot of patience to gain her trust in order to capture Bonya (that’s how they named her). After being checked by a vet, vaccinated and spayed Bonya found a loving forever home with an amazing family, whose love and patience turned a distressed aggressive animal into a kissing and hugging machine. 

All’s well that ends well, right? But how many similar cases go unnoticed? Promoting responsible pet ownership and offering affordable spaying and neutering programs all over Russia helps us change the situation one life at a time.

Would you like to be a part of this? 

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