Cat Murka

CVj2outzmP0Here is the story of one more lucky lady called Murka.

Murka wasn’t always a beloved and cherished pet, before getting her lucky ticket she used to live in the courtyard of an apartment building, just as millions of stray cats and dogs all over Russia. 
Luckily for Murka, daughter of our volunteer Viktoria lived at the same building. D_0hS73C4mk

Once, while visiting her daughter, Viktoria saw a sad young cat in distress, desperately crying and searching for something. When she got closer she understood, that the cat has recently given a birth, had a severe case of mastitis and was clearly looking for her kittens, which were nowhere to be found. After talking to local residents Viktoria learned, that for the past few days Murka was looking for her kittens, but no one seemed to care. What happened to them? We’ll never know… 

This is when Viktoria decided to rescue Murka off the streets and spay her for a chance to find a forever home for this young beautiful can who only saw suffering in her short life as a stray.

Looking for a home for an adult cat during the “kitten season” isn’t an easy task, but Viktoria succeeded! Today Murka has a loving family, and on top of that, her new human mom Katya is a vet, so Murka is definitely in great hands!