Lada 7Meet Lada. Lada’s mom never even had a name, she gave birth to her 4 kittens in a basement and nurtured them in the bushes, far away from people, who she never saw kindness from, not even once in her short life. 

When Olga looked out of the window of her apartment and saw a group of kids in the courtyard kicking something and throwing stones she ran downstair, but it was too late. Lada and her siblings were left orphans. Lada 1

Despite Olga’s desperate attempts, chlamydia, rhinotracheitis and other infections, common in stray cats claimed lives of 3 out of 4 kittens. Lada got lucky. Katya, Olga’s colleague fell in love with the tiny survivor and gave Lada her loving forever home. As a souvenir from her life on the streets Lada will forever have her sad memories, a cataract on her eye and a tiny scar on her tummy, which guarantees she will never have to repeat her mom’s faith.

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