Moscow woman tortures dog “Hachiko” on balcony for 2 months as revenge on ex-husband


A horrendous story took place in Moscow this week: Nadezhda Schepetova kept her dog Mai locked up on her balcony without food, water or walks for 2 months. The dog was seen licking rain water off the balcony floor to quench her thirst. Neighbours were keeping watch every day: the dog wasn’t let off the balcony in the whole time she was there and was fading away in front of their eyes. Mai had been given to Schepetova as a present from her ex-husband and this was her way of avenging her ex for their divorce.

nadezda sh      mai1

A photo of Nadezhda Schepeteva                 Mai on the balcony, filmed by the national news channel Rossia

The neighbours made several attempts to offer the woman big sums of money to buy the dog off her, but she refused and told them to stay out of her personal affairs. She was acting hysterical and abusive when she was approached by anyone. Akita-inu is one of the most loyal dog breeds, and it’s unthinkable that Mai’s trust could be betrayed so inhumanely! Mai was whimpering and barking- asking to be let in, but Schepetova remained merciless!

The police refused to intervene and go into the flat to rescue Mai, because the animal welfare laws in Russia are too weak for them to take action when animals are treated inhumanely. Despite the neighbours’ complaints that the dog was relieving itself and its urine was running down into their balconies, the local building administration services refused to intervene either.

The neighbours hired a crane in attempt to get the dog off the balcony. Unfortunately, just as they tried to get to Mai, his owner came back home and pulled her off the balcony by the tail into the flat. Then she left the building leaving the dog in the flat. Neighbours couldn’t get access into the flat and didn’t hear the dog, whether it was too weak to make any sound anymore or dead, was unknown. This was Thursday, 13th of August.

The neighbours kept patrolling her flat entrance for 24 hours until finally, on Friday evening she appeared, went into the flat and a few minutes later came out with a very heavy suitcase exuding a horrible smell. The disturbed neighbours feared that the suitcase contained Mai’s body. You can see in this video of her dragging out the suitcase that it certainly doesn’t look like it contains light clothes.

She brought her son with her, who appeared to be gagging from the smell. She loaded the suitcases and drove off in her wealthy ex-husband’s company car. We still do not know what happened to Mai, whether he is alive or lying dead in a ditch discarded by his owner. The woman hasn’t been to her flat ever since.

Big Hearts Foundation has been lobbying the Russian government for years, proposing improvements to Russian animal cruelty law, which currently does not function properly. The government has been ignoring the demands from Russian people to toughen the law. The officials are claiming that the law is sufficient, despite the evidence of the opposite.

Russian press links here & here / video

We will not let this case become one of many where the animal abuser remains unpunished. We will fight until animal welfare is taken seriously and the abusers are punished adequately!