Captive Animal Welfare

captive animal welfare

The Issue

Animals in Russia’s zoos, dolphinaria petting zoos and circuses suffer a range of abuses. The living conditions in zoos do not resemble natural habitats at the slightest and can be summed up as animals in small cages. Many display severe stereotypic behaviour, such as pacing and swaying, due to neglect and poor management. Most receive no medical care and many suffer from injuries and diseases that are left untreated.

Captive wild animals are often cruelly mutilated with their teeth and claws cut back. They may also be chained and used as photographic props like in Sochi.

The techniques used to force the animals to perform in circuses are often cruel and abusive and the conditions in which they are kept generally fall far below acceptable welfare standards for animals in captivity.

What We Do

investigation    Improving animal Welfare standards

raising public awareness    GOVERNMENT POLICY