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13680515_1002322756532213_2377319308626911644_nMarina Butolina from Astrakhan dedicated her life to helping animals in need. Today she is the one who desperately needs our help.

The amount of stray animals In Astrahkan, a city in southern Russia is huge, but it could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for people like Marina Butolina. 

Marina rescued and gave home to dozens of animals during the years, currently 17 rescued dogs and 9 cats live under her roof. 

Big Hearts foundation helped Marina spay and neuter them, but her pension is too small to be able to afford food and medical care for all of her rescues, most of whom have a truly tragic past.

13697037_1002322506532238_1095180290667817339_nLike the old german shepherd Sima, who used to live with her blind elderly owner until he was placed into a home and Sima was about to be thrown out if it wasn’t for Marina. Sima has akidney condition and requires regular therapy and special diet.

Another dog named Petrovich was found by Marina with 4 of all his 13726607_1002322763198879_6090141149002304518_nlegs broken by someone. Marina treated him (he had distemper too) and nurtured him back to life, but no one wanted to adopt him, so she kept him. 

13754369_1002322689865553_2217131440412940396_nThe cocker spaniel Keks (Cupcake), who is blind now, had to be bought from his abusive alcoholic owners seven years ago.

Story of dachshund Fima is truly blood-chilling. She was hit by a car in front of her elderly owner, who was about to kill her to end her agony when Marina saw13731737_1002322743198881_5431046748012145901_n them. The owner was crying, but couldn’t afford to call a vet to euthanize the dog, so Marina convinced him to surrender Fima. At the vet clinic, where Marina brought Fima to be treated the dog gave birth to 4 puppies, 2 of whom were already dead.

A few months ago, Marina’s son brought home 2 barely alive dogs, covered in thicks and with their hind legs tied. He saved them from people who were beating 3 dogs to death. Unfortunately, one was already dead when he got there. These dogs will never be re-homed, as they are extremely afraid of people and only trust Marina and her family who saved them.

13716145_1002322606532228_8957764092567716613_nLittle Busia – the only survivor of 10 pups, who were doused with water and thrown into a dumpster to freeze to death with – 20°C outside. 

Marina’s cats were also rescued from being thrown into the streets by uncaring13692745_1002321526532336_3841653154111445207_n owners, left to die by greedy breeders or from being held in tiny cages on the balcony and other horrible situations.

Marina’s heart is so kind, that when her neighbors gave her a live chicken with little chicks suggesting she’d raise them to feed herself and her pets she rescued the feathered family instead, only to add more mouthes (or beaks) to feed!

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Marina is struggling to feed all of her rescued animals and your donations can help them survive! No amount is too small, any contribution will be a huge help to this amazing woman and her animals!

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  • 10$ will buy enough food to feed a dog for a week.
  • 20$ will help cover medical bills.
  • 50$ will provide German shepherd Sima with much needed therapy for hery failing kidneys.

Please write “for Marina and her animals” when you donate through 


Thank you!